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Shungite – The Complete Guide

Shungite Stone

Shungite has become one of the more popular recent discoveries that have had a huge impact on the world of EMF protection and alternate forms of medicine that more people have been exploring over the past few years.

Praised for its ability to protect from EMF (electric and magnetic field) radiation, Shungite has become a popular topic of discussion among those who look to alternative treatments and therapies.

In this article, the Geo EMF team explores a number of important questions, such as what Shungite really is, where it comes from and what the benefits of it are.

What Is Shungite?

Shungite is a black material that contains over 98% carbon. It was first discovered in the Shunga village of the Karelia region in Russia and is expected to be well over 2 billion years old.

Geologists tend to agree that the Shungite deposit found in Karelia was formed by multiple layers of ancient organic remains, but a more romantic explanation that has seen some support (but not geologic evidence) is that a carbon-rich asteroid landed there.

The name Shungite originates during the late 1800s and the term was used to describe the rocks that contained mostly pure carbon. Today, the term Shungite is for rocks and certain objects that simply contain Shungite and not the pure form of the material.

If you plan to buy Shungite, then it’s important to look at the carbon content listed on the description. True Shungite contains the full 90-100% carbon content and should be more expensive than the others.

Where Does Shungite Come From?

Anyone looking for Shungite within the Karelia region of Russia should start near the Shunga Village located on the northwestern shore of lake Onega. Currently, the main deposit is in this Lake Onega area and this is where most of the material is discovered.

It’s estimated that this deposit is around 300 million tons, so there’s plenty to go around. In other parts of Russia, such as Kamchatka and Chelyabinsk, smaller deposits have been discovered but they are nowhere near the size of the main deposit.

In the past, Shungite was difficult to obtain due to its location deep in the heart of Russia. However, Shungite stones are now far more accessible thanks to its increased popularity.

Although you’ll find Shungite stones with many different origins, the main deposit at Lake Onega is believed to be the purest Shungite and where most of the world’s True Shungite comes from.

What Are Carbon Fullerenes?


True Shungite also contains small amounts of carbon fullerenes. These are pure carbon molecules that are hollow and can only be seen with a microscope.

Fullerenes are believed to be a powerful antioxidant and a lot of research is being poured into the molecules to uncover the various benefits that they can provide. Carbon fullerenes are also being researched for their use in nanotechnology in addition to their health benefits.

Due to the carbon content of True Shungite, it’s believed that it’s the only variety of Shungite to contains carbon fullerenes. Late in 1990, scientists discovered the existence of fullerenes but it wasn’t until their discovery in Shungite that their existence in nature was proven.

Virtually no other material in the world contains fullerenes like Shungite and it’s believed that they are the cause of Shungite’s ability to block EMF radiation. Crystal healing is another form of alternative medicine that lays claim to the healing abilities of Shungite. Though scientific investigation has not confirmed the claims of crystal healers, Shungite has been proven to offer other benefits.

What Are the Varieties of Shungite?

Due to the varying levels of carbon inside Shungite, there are five distinct categories of Shungite:

  • Shungite 1 contains 90-100% carbon
  • Shungite 2 contains 45-90% carbon
  • Shungite 3 contains 20-45% carbon
  • Shungite 4 contains 10-20% carbon
  • Shungite 5 contains under 10% carbon

Shungite is also categorized depending on luster. These are known as bright, semi-bright, semi-dull and dull. Other terms are also used, such as Noble Shungite for Shungite that contains at least 98% carbon and less than 1% ash, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.

Shungite can be bought in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, there are Shungite pendants and key-chains, tiles, pyramids and tableware.

What Are the Benefits of Shungite?

Shungite Necklace

Shungite has many proven and believed benefits that range from water purification to EMF protection.

One of the most common and proven uses for Shungite is to purify water. Although there are existing methods such as boiling, using chlorine drops, filters or ultraviolet lights, they often introduce unwanted dangerous chemicals to the water or degrade the quality.

In comparison, Shungite can be used to filter water thanks to its purifying properties. By simply placing Shungite stones into water and allowing them to sit for a couple of days, it creates something known as Shungite water. This water is known to help with conditions such as cold and flu, allergies, diabetes, headaches and general well-being.

Others claim that simply holding something made from True Shungite helps them feel at ease, restoring their emotional balance and removing negative energies from their body. It’s also believed to help with cell rejuvenation and act as a catalyst for growth and transformation. However, these claims are harder to prove scientifically, but a lot of resources are being poured into Shungite research to unlock the full potential of Shungite stone.

How to Use Shungite

Shungite can be used in a variety of ways, the most simple being as a wearable such as a necklace, keychain or pendant. These are believed to offer many of Shungite’s benefits such as shielding the wearer from harmful electromagnetic fields that come from technologies such as smartphones and radio towers.

Shungite is also crafted into objects such as spheres, eggs and pyramids. These can be placed near sources of EMF radiation, such as a wireless internet router or television, to help absorb the radiation and cleanse EMF pollution from your home.

Shungite can also be used to purify water to create Shungite water. This is done by using raw and pure Shungite stones that contain carbon fullerenes.

What Is Shungite Water?

Records that date back as far as the 1700s show that locals in the village of Shunga have been using Shungite to cleanse water and energize their bathing water for hundreds of years. Czar Peter of Russia is also said to have provided Shungite-purified water to his soldiers and started the first Russian spa near the Karelian Shungite deposit.

To make Shungite water, first the raw Shungite stones are cleaned to remove any dirt or debris that might still be on them. This is done by using a small brush to scrub the Shungite while it’s submerged in filtered water

This process is repeated until there is no more dirt in the water. An alternative to clean them is to wash them with boiling water.

Once the Shungite stones are clean you are ready to make Shungite water. Take the cleaned stones and place them in a glass jar or container of water. Approximately 10 Shungite stones are used to filter a gallon of water, but more will not impede the process. Once have allowed it to rest for at least half a day, the stones can be removed and the water can be consumed.

Since Shungite has the ability to clean nitrates, chlorine and bacteria, it can improve both the appearance and taste of water. Healers often report using Shungite water to help with illnesses and conditions like fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, liver issues and headaches.

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Karelian Heritage Elite Shungite Rocks for Water Purification & Filtering 0,44 lb (0,01-0,03 lb per Stone) | Certified Type 1 Natural Authentic Shungite Stones from Karelia | Jewelry Making REB16
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  • NATURAL FILTER: Elite shungite is a great alternative water filter. It is completely natural, reusable and environmentally friendly. Opposite from plastic water filter jars, shungite stones can last up to 6 months, produce no plastic waste and can be simply reused as a mineral fertilizer for your houseplants.
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Does Shungite Provide EMF Protection?

Shungite is well-known for its supposed benefits as a healing stone, but is it capable of EMF protection? There are many products available on the market that contain Shungite and claim to block EMF radiation, but there is skepticism regarding how well Shungite can provide EMF protection when there is lower carbon content.

Tests have confirmed that Shungite is capable of completely absorbing EMF radiation and neutralizing dangerous frequencies. However, it is believed that this ability comes from the fullerenes inside of the Shungite. These fullerenes are only found inside True Shungite that has a carbon content of 90% or higher, so lower-quality Shungite products will not provide the same level of EMF protection.

The best way to test if a product is capable of providing EMF protection is to test it yourself. However, this will require an EMF radiation meter and knowledge on how to use it. If this is not practical, then the best option is to consider purchasing Shungite products that are high in carbon content, such as Shungite 1 and 2. These will provide a greater level of EMF protection.

A common way to utilize Shungite’s EMF blocking properties is to purchase a wearable such as a necklace or a pendant. These can be worn all the time or when you know you’ll be exposed to EMF radiation.

The other method is to purchase Shungite products that can be placed near sources of radiation. This includes small Shungite plates that can be placed inside your phone case or Shungite pyramids that are placed near devices such as a laptop, router, or computer.

As you can see, Shungite has many unique benefits and a rather unique origin. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has given you a better understanding of how to use Shungite for it’s health benefits and EMF protection purposes. For more on EMF protection take a look at our

Here is a video showing how shungite blocks EMF’s:

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