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EMF Protection Devices – Do They Work?

Best EMF Protection

The debate is far from settled on the potential dangers of EMF radiation. Some studies have shown fairly convincing evidence that electromagnetic fields pose a real danger, while others have concluded there are no decisive indications of risk.

We aren’t going to settle the debate surrounding electromagnetic fields here, but we can provide you with methods of EMF protection that work and will help you to avoid unseen EMF sources that hide within your home and community.

Consider the sheer amount of communication that is delivered via wireless technology that is taking place all around you, everyday. Technology ranging from common forms such as satellites, radios, cellular phones, and televisions often leave a blanket of EMF waves in their wake.

As with all forms of radiation, the associated risks are reduced drastically when exposure is minimized.

In the world of radiation protection, this principle is known by the acronym ALARA: “As Low As Reasonably Achievable.” The scientific community has long recognized that no amount of radiation exposure can be assumed to be harmless.

But reducing your levels of exposure can be pretty difficult when you are working with unknown sources of EMF radiation. That’s why we wanted to provide you with actionable information that will help you make smart choices to protect you and your loved ones from EMF pollution.

Do EMF Protection Devices Work?

The best way to better protect yourself along with your loved ones from further exposure to harmful EMF waves, is by gaining a proper comprehension of how electromagnetic fields operate. In tern, so that you can adequately prepare yourself with the best corse of direction to better shield you and your loved ones from the potential dangers of EMF waves.

EMF is produced when electrically charged particles undergo acceleration. These charged particles are naturally occurring at a low-level intensity by the natural magnetic fields that surround the earth. But EMF’s are produced by man-made sources at much higher intensities and are often in very close proximity to our daily activities.

You can’t see these electromagnetic fields so it’s important to take the guess-work out of the equation. Since we are talking about forces that cannot be seen, it’s really worthwhile to consider purchasing an EMF meter so you can accurately identify real sources of EMF without guessing.

Once you find that you are being exposed to EMF pollution, the solution is to use one of a variety of EMF protection products that effectively absorb the electromagnetic field, instead of your body.

How Do EMF Protection Devices Block Radiation?

EMF pollution shares many of the same characteristics as other electrical and magnetic fields. With that being the case, EMF protection products are able to block them with a number of materials that absorb and conduct electromagnetic fields, before they have the chance to interact with people.

Just like static electricity, or a powerful lightening bolt discharge power through the path of least resistance, EMF protection devices take advantage of that same phenomenon.

Conductive materials are incorporated into EMF protection products like a cell phone case, a laptop radiation shield, EMF shielding paint, a portable infrared sauna, and even in clothing. When designed correctly, these EMF shielding products do an excellent job at blocking EMF pollution and preventing unnecessary exposure.

Cellphone Radiation

EMF Cell Phone Radiation

Electromagnetic Fields are passing through the air via wireless transmission whenever you talk to your mom on your cellphone, but they are also transmitting wireless communication through internet connections to cellular towers, and WiFi routers in your home.

One of the important elements in seeking to reduce radiation exposure is to increase your distance from the source. This is easily the most challenging aspect to EMF’s produced by cellular phones, because we constantly have them on us or within close proximity. Distancing yourself from your cell phone isn’t easy, but it is a smart proactive effort.

Because of that fact, one of the best ways to reduce EMF’s generated by your cell phone is to purchase an EMF protection cell phone case. We did a full review on some of these EMF protection products, and they most certainly do work to block EMF’s.

With that said, there are other smart practices that can reduce your exposure coming from your cell phone.

Using devices that provide for distancing yourself from your phone is definitely worthwhile. Rather than holding your cell phone up to your ear, you can reduce EMF exposure by using your speaker phone setting, or by using headphones instead.

Avoiding Bluetooth earbuds will also help to reduce cell phone radiation exposure. So if you need earbuds, either wired or air tube earbuds are the better alternative. If you don’t need to talk on the phone, you can text message as a substitute.

Reducing EMF exposure from your cellphone is worth concentrating on, because it is likely the worst EMF offender, and one that you usually have right in your pocket.

Laptops Radiation Shields

Laptop EMFWhen you consider that the average laptop today produces, ELF, RF, Wifi, and Bluetooth radiation, an EMF laptop radiation shield makes a lot of sense.

Other than cell phones, the most common contributors to EMF pollution in our work space and homes are laptops and tablets. And like cell phone radiation, laptop EMF radiation is usually in very close proximity.

Small business owners often utilize multiple computers. Larger offices frequently have entire floors of cubicles with a computer on every desk. Even restaurants rely on computers and tablets for reserving tables and placing orders. And everyone has free Wifi offering convenient internet access.

We won’t argue that it is convenient, and internet access certainly offers tremendous knowledge at our fingertips. But the down-side is that EMF pollution is now commonplace in our homes, businesses, and throughout our communities.

The good news is that EMF can be effectively reduced or blocked entirely with purpose-made tablet cases and laptop trays that provide shielding from EMF’s.

They accomplish this feat by incorporating an EMF blocking mesh made from aluminum or steel that all but entirely prevents electromagntic fields from passing though

While also reducing radiation, EMF laptop shielding will also allow for better air circulation and laptop cooling that prolongs the life of your laptop,

Prior to making a purchase, it is important to find a reputable laptop shield that has been confirmed to provide these protective properties. Frankly, there are some that don’t meet their own hype, and fall short of absorbing and effectively blocking unwanted electromagnetic fields.

We highly recommend that you read our page on laptop radiation protection. It covers all our favorite options for laptop radiation shielding and will help to steer you in the right direction.

Tablet Radiation Shield

Tablets are a great alternative to laptops while also providing a larger screen than your cellphone. Along with all the same functionality of laptops and cellphones comes all the same electromagnetic fields. And since tablets are often the preference of children it is really important to protect them from unnecessary EMF pollution.

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Home EMF Protection

Home EMF Protection

High frequency and RF radiation generated by cell towers near your home passes through your walls basically unhindered. But there are very effective ways to halt those penetrating fields.

The National Cancer Institute recognizes certain studies found an association between homes with high levels of EMF’s and childhood leukemia. Protecting your loved ones from outside EMF sources is both smart and more simple than you might think.

EMF shielding is available in a variety of applications. Some EMF shielding is portable, such as an EMF shielding blanket or clothing, and others are permanent installations, like EMF shielding paint.

A big offender of EMF pollution in the home today is the Wifi router that provides your family and friends with a wireless internet connection. Most Wifi routers are much more powerful than necessary. A Wifi router guard is easy to install and effectively reduces the harmful EMF pollution in and around your home. Furthermore, fluctuations in your home’s electrical output can also cause dirty electricity signals to build up in your home. Counteracting those high frequency electrical spikes and valleys can easily be accomplished with a dirty electricity filter. Some of these devices treat a single room while others can filter the electricity throughout your entire house.

It’s important to consider which methods will work best for your home and your family before making a purchase. If you have children, you might want to block EMF’s permanently by painting their bedroom walls with an EMF blocking paint. Alternatives like portable blankets, clothing, or curtains might add to your home’s overall EMF protection.

EMF Shielding Paint

One of the most permanent solutions to EMF pollution you can install is EMF shielding paint. If you live near power lines, or have a cellular tower nearby, you and you loved ones are almost certainly being inundated with unnecessary EMF’s while you sleep. EMF blocking paint is a great way to permanently defeat EMF pollution and protect your family.

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Shielding Solutions EMF Shielding Paint YSHIELD HSF54 5 Liter
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Smart Meter Shielding

Best Smart Meter Guard ShieldsMost homes today have smart meters that register their electricity consumption for the power companies. But did you know that smart meters emit high amounts of EMF?

We spend a lot of time focusing on computers, cellphones, and cell towers, but we often miss a big EMF polluter that is attached to the side of our homes!

With any luck, you can stop a smart meter from being installed on your home in the first place, but new properties often come with smart meters and you may find yourself stuck with one.

What is even worse, the emissions are constantly bombarding our homes and loved ones with high frequency RF emissions, day and night. But thankfully there is a simple and effective solution. Smart meter shields are super affordable, simple, and very fast to install.

EMF Bedding and Curtains

If you are experiencing sensitivity to EMF’s and want to make your home a safe-haven from EMF pollution, then EMF curtains can shut down radiation coming through your windows.

These are also a great finishing touch to children’s room after applying EMF shielding paint. You can really rest easy knowing your kids are protected and safe.

Furthermore, EMF shielding bed canopies use the principle of attenuation to absorb radiation while you sleep. This might not seem particularly important until you consider the fact that you or your loved ones spend one-quarter of your day laying in that exact location.

Maybe there is a smart phone on your night stand, a cellular tower in the distance, and a WiFi router in your living room. Establishing some EMF protective barriers can go a long way toward reducing unnecessary exposure throughout your home.

EMF Body Protection

EMF Protection Jewelry

There are numerous items of clothing and jewelry that provide a reduction of EMF exposure. This is an important consideration, because we all need EMF protection while we are out and about in our communities.

You can actually wear some items that will provide various levels of EMF protection. One example is EMF protection clothing which is a great options to protect yourself and your loved ones.

An EMF protection necklace or pendant can really complement your attire and add a lovely accent to your look. While the effective EMF blocking characteristics of these products are questionable, they are nonetheless very popular. And with our frequent exposure to EMF waves from wireless technology, wearing an EMF protection necklace or a negative ion bracelet makes a lot of sense to some.

This video shows testing of some other popular EMF protection products: