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Best Red Light Therapy Device Reviews

Top Red Light Therapy Device Reviews

Red light therapy provides a fantastic option for those eager to turn back the hands of time and look years younger. Using this solution, it’s possible to reduce wrinkles and ensure that skin regains a high level of elasticity that can be lost with age.

On top of cosmetic benefits, you can also significantly boost performance and recovery times within training programs. Of course, to do this, you need to find the best red light therapy devices on the market.

To help you with that, the Multi Purpose EMF team brings you our review of the top red light therapy devices.

The best red light therapy unit for you will depend on what specific type of treatment that you are looking for. We love simple and effective restorative techniques, and red light therapy can produce remarkable results.

Infrared Therapy Lamp Benefits

  • Skin Treatment – You might be surprised that red light therapy devices designed for skin treatment can provide pretty startling results. Reducing the appearance of sun spots or wrinkles and fine lines are just a few of the benefits.
  • Training Benefits – Scientific journals have documented profound benefits of red light therapy to those enrolled in training programs. For example, the Journal of Lasers in Medicinal Science published a study of 40 people who were monitored for maximum voluntary muscular contraction strength, overall creatine kinase levels, and delayed onset muscle soreness. The half of the group that were exposed to red light therapy showed improvement on all markers.
  • Pain Relief – LED red light therapy is an effective method for temporary pain relief in cases of joint pain, muscle aches and spasm, arthritis, relieving stiffness and promoting relaxation. Studies show that Red light phototherapy temporarily increases local blood circulation to deep tissues and promotes faster healing.
  • Save Money – Whether you are spending time and money at the spa or the doctors office, using red light therapy can save you a bundle. Travel costs and membership fees are pricey, and deductibles are equally if not more painful.

Our complete reviews are provided below, but if you are looking for the short answer – here are some of the top selections to purchase right now.

Top Skin Therapy Lamp Comparison

Top Choice
Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy - High-Power Ageless LED Treatment
TENDLITE Red Light Device - LED Device Relief & Exercise Recovery
Quantum Rejuvenation® Introductory Sale - Red Light Therapy Device - FDA Registered Advanced Pain Relief - Joint & Muscle Reliever - Medical Grade
Primary Use
Beauty Device
Joint & Muscle Reliever
Joint & Muscle Reliever
Customer Rating
Top Choice
Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy - High-Power Ageless LED Treatment
Red Light Device
Primary Use
Beauty Device
Customer Rating
More Details
TENDLITE Red Light Device - LED Device Relief & Exercise Recovery
Red Light Device
Primary Use
Joint & Muscle Reliever
Customer Rating
More Details
Quantum Rejuvenation® Introductory Sale - Red Light Therapy Device - FDA Registered Advanced Pain Relief - Joint & Muscle Reliever - Medical Grade
Primary Use
Joint & Muscle Reliever
Customer Rating
More Details

Best Infrared Therapy Lamps

1. Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD IR Therapeutic Lamp

Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red LED Light Therapy Review

Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red LED Light Therapy

This light provides a medical grade device that can be set up on your desk or dressing table and easily adjusted to match your preferences. In less than an hour, you’ll see fantastic improvements to your skin and a reduced level of wrinkles. Stimulating collagen levels helps improve and enhance the beauty of your skin and ensures that you can turn back the clock. Safe and effective, this product is designed to be fast working and deliver the ultimate facial in just five minutes.

One of the key benefits is that this device can provide full face coverage using the lighting. However, for the best results, you should perhaps focus on one side of the face and then move onto the next. It is also incredibly fast working. While the entire process takes five minutes, you could see noticeable results in less than eight weeks of regular usage. This will mainly help with fine lines around areas like the eyes but it will also improve overall skin texture.

As well as providing the solution to the fine lines of ageing, this product does provide other benefits as well. You will notice that redness around your face disappears while pores look significantly smaller.

The device is also incredibly easy to use. While some devices require an extensive set up to get the best results, this device is simple. Simply place it in a secure location, set it up within the recommended distance from your face, adjust as much as you need and start your red light therapy treatment.

To gain the full benefits of the treatment, you need to use it as many as five times a week. However, since the process is so quick, this is easy to squeeze into the busiest of schedules. It can become an essential part of your daily skincare routine.

The device is minimal too and won’t take a lot of space in your home. This means you can set it up anywhere you need or want it.

Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy - High-Power Ageless LED Treatment
208 Reviews
Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy - High-Power Ageless LED Treatment
  • Light Therapy for Acne: Use RejuvaliteMD for acne and anti-aging with extra panel
  • Red Light Therapy: The removal method reduces facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Healthy Skin Glow: Improves collagen production and blood circulation; also an anti-inflammatory
  • Radiant and Youthful Skin: A good skin care routine will help you look your best
  • What to Expect: 25% of the LEDs emit infrared (IR) light, which cannot be detected by the human eye. They will produce no visible light even when the unit is turned on. The average user will see results within 3 to 4 weeks. The key to lasting results is consistently using the device a minimum of 5 times per week for 5 mins per session

2. TENDLITE Infrared Therapy Lamp Device

TENDLITE Red Led Light Therapy Device Review

TENDLITE Red Led Light Therapy Device

Red light therapy isn’t just designed for treating the signs of age. These devices can also be used to offer pain relief from joint and muscle aches. That’s exactly the benefit that this device delivers. Unlike the previous option, this is a handheld device which you can use on an impacted limb or area of your body. Using this device, you could gain pain relief in just sixty seconds!

The device does offer four times more power than similar, competing brands. As such, it can deliver a more effective solution compared to options that you may have already tried before. Since it is a handheld device and works rapidly, it can also be used anywhere on the body and this does including knuckles and joints. As such, you may benefit from this product if you are suffering from pain caused by a condition like RSI. It works by improving blood flow to the tendons and ligaments in areas like your hands and wrists.

Another major benefit of this device is that it can be used to treat a range of different health conditions. From tendonitis to carpal tunnel and even arthritis, this could provide pain relief for all. It’s even effective for use on animals. If you are looking for a solution that will help a dog, cat or horse suffering from a condition like arthritis this could be the answer. Again the handheld design makes this a practical choice too.

As well as this is the device is partially automatic. After the end of a one-minute treatment, the light will turn itself off. As such, there’s no need to watch the clock or worry that you are going over the recommended limit. It’s another reason why this is such an easy solution. While the product doesn’t come with any instructions, it’s so straight forward you can start benefitting from it straight out the box.

TENDLITE Red Light Device - LED Device Relief & Exercise Recovery
2,821 Reviews
TENDLITE Red Light Device - LED Device Relief & Exercise Recovery
  • RELAX | RECOVER | RENEW - Feel your best again and again, take control of what really matters to You. Empower your wellness with Shine’s line of products, always ready at home or away on your next adventure. Try a Shine device now to get the benefits of natural red light.
  • UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL - Get back to your best with confidence that you are choosing a scientifically proven device. Start feeling good today, so you can get out there, move your body and get back to your active lifestyle. Living an active life is the best way to achieve great health and longevity. Let TENDLITE help you get there.
  • NATURALLY HEALTHY LIGHT - Don’t let pain keep you from doing what you love. Dare to live your life to the fullest. Simplify with Tendlite, feel wonderful again and start crossing things off your bucket list, today! Shine devices DO NOT use any harmful UV rays so you can use this High Power LED Light for natural relief.
  • RECOMMENDED BY LEADING DOCTORS - Did you know that today’s leading doctors, physical therapists, trainers, and top athletes are using Tendlite? It’s time to Shine, the next-generation in health & wellness - take control with the touch of a button.
  • YOU PROBABLY WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED - but RED / INFRARED Light technology was actually developed by NASA research, more than 40 years ago. We are able to bring you optimal results based on over a decade's worth of research, real world experience and work with the leading Red Light Therapy scientists and engineers.

3. DGYAO Near Infrared Deep Therapy Wrap

DGYAO Red Light Near Infrared Therapy Review

DGYAO Red Light Near Infrared Therapy

If you have pain at a difficult to reach area, you probably don’t want to spend time holding the device in the right place. This is where the therapy solution by DGYAO comes in handy. This infrared therapy product straps to your back and is completely wearable. Once attached, it will work wonders without you having to lift a finger or constantly readjust it. With multiple lights across the product, it can provide pain relief across your entire back, instead of one specific area.

The design of the product ensures that it is also completely adjustable. You might have pain in other areas of your body, including your neck, hip and leg. The device can be worn in these areas too while providing a similar solution to help your aching muscles or joints. While designed for home use, the product can be used anywhere you can plug it in. So, if you find you need relief at the office this is a possibility.

You might be worried about wearing a device for a long period due to potentially dangerous side effects. However, this device does offer a smart solution to that issue. After the twenty minute period, it will turn off and ensure that you don’t have to worry about it impacting your health. The device does not provide a lot of heat. As such, it remains comfortable to wear for the full twenty minutes.

The product is suitable for those suffering from chronic pain and will provide the relief you might desperately need. You can use this device safely two or three times a day, offering full, long-lasting support.

This device is also easy to use. Simply strap it to the affected area, plug it in and press the on button. In no time at all, you’ll feel the device start to work as your pain is reduced.

DGYAO Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt for Pain Relief Flexible Wearable Wrap Deep Therapy Pad with Timer for Back Shoulder Joints Muscle Pain Relief Device
644 Reviews
DGYAO Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt for Pain Relief Flexible Wearable Wrap Deep Therapy Pad with Timer for Back Shoulder Joints Muscle Pain Relief Device
  • 2-7 days Delivery & 1 Year Full Warranty on the whole product. LIFETIME FREE REPLACEMENT on charger, controller and connectors! Buy this equipment and experience painless, safe, drug-free and natural physical pain relief solution with no negative side effects for accelerating tissue recovery and alleviates pain caused by inflammation and sports injuries.
  • 12” x 6” Large Area - Making time dramatically shorter. Total 117 pcs red and deep penetrating infrared lights, penetrate deeply in the tissues. The infrared light therapy system is wearable and consists of a 13.8″ x 8″ x 0.6″ flexible pad embedded with an alternating array of 52 red lights and 65 invisible infrared lights(880 nm)
  • Portable Infrared & Red Dual Light Therapy - Red light reaches deep layers of the skin, where it stimulates cellular repair and increases circulation to promote a more vibrant, youthful complexion. Invisible to the naked eye, IR light is deeply penetrating and cause thermal effects to increase tissue temperature, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, improve cell viability and regenerative capacity.
  • Soft Comfortable & Flexible - Hands-free operation in office or at home. The product comes with a soft sbr pad with 2 Velcro straps, the long one for your back, hip, chest while the short one for neck, arms, shoulder, knee, feet, elbow. Adjustable lumbar support belt can help target pain area with more focused therapy.
  • Auto shut-off timer (20 minutes), do not exceed 40 minutes of use in one therapy session, cool your body and have some water before next applying. Wide voltage DC 100 - 240 V, AC 12 V. Apply pain relief when you are on business trip. 15 Ft power cord is long enough in range of your activity.

4. Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy

Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp Red Light Therapy Review

Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp Red Light

If you’re looking for a device that is not wearable but can still provide relief for hard to reach areas like the back, this could be the best option for you. The device can be set up anywhere and is completely adjustable. It also provides a large area making it the perfect choice for pain that has spread to large parts of the body. Back pain, for instance, can radiate anywhere from the shoulder blades to the lower areas of the back.

A flexible solution, this product can be used to treat a range of issues from typical pain caused by an injury to the symptoms of diabetes or even for those with allergies. It can also reduce the level of scarred skin around an area where an individual has previously received treatment.

While it might take a few tries to get going once it does, this product provides a fantastic solution to the pain that has extended over a larger surface area. Another great benefit of this device is that it doesn’t just provide a solution for pain relief. Instead, it also offers relief for a variety of other symptoms including fatigue and even kidney problems.

The device is also built to a high standard. Due to this, it heats up instantly which means you don’t have to wait before you start using the product. As well as this you can tilt the product too. This ensures that it isn’t difficult to find the perfect position and guarantee the best results.

You can even use this product when you have no pain or medical symptoms at all. In this case, the device can provide a way to both provide increased circulation and warm up the muscles. This ensures you can relax tense muscles and guarantee that there is a reduced chance of injury, even during a tough workout.

The device does get incredibly hot. But this is exactly what you need if you want a device that is going to provide the ultimate, deep level treatment.

No products found.

5. Quantum Rejuvenation Infrared Therapy Lamp

Quantum Rejuvenation Red Light Therapy Device Review

Quantum Rejuvenation Red Light Therapy Device

This is another fantastic handheld device, suitable for providing relief to the joints and offers lower levels of pain. One of the main benefits of this product is that if it doesn’t work, you do get a full refund. It also comes with additional useful pieces of equipment including glasses. This ensures that the powerful light will not damage your eyes.

While the light does not pulse, it will provide benefits to those suffering from chronic pain. It needs to be used several times a day to see results. It also provides fast charging options which ensure that you don’t have to miss out on treatment due to a low battery. As well as being suitable for reducing levels of pain, you can also use this product to reduce wrinkles. With the device, wrinkles in impacted areas will decrease in approximately a month. Used on surgical scars, you will see significant improvements after just a few weeks.

The handheld design ensures that you can reach any problem area and gain significant levels of relief. It’s budget friendly too and is light enough that it can be directed at any affected part of the body.

We hope this helps you choose the best red light therapy device for your needs. As you can see, while some are designed to reduce pain, others offer the support you need to reduce those wrinkles and other signs of age for good.

Quantum Rejuvenation® Introductory Sale - Red Light Therapy Device - FDA Registered Advanced Pain Relief - Joint & Muscle Reliever - Medical Grade
469 Reviews
Quantum Rejuvenation® Introductory Sale - Red Light Therapy Device - FDA Registered Advanced Pain Relief - Joint & Muscle Reliever - Medical Grade
  • Holiday Sale! FDA-Registered Red Light Therapy Device to Relieve Pain & Reduce Inflammation! High-quality stainless steel housing. Medical LED light source is far safer than a laser. Made in USA in an FDA-registered facility.
  • Same treatment used by doctors in elite sports clinics gives Fast Relief from Pain & Inflammation Without Drug Side Effects. Speeds healing by delivering energy directly to the inside of cells, where the healing action happens.
  • Safe to use in combination with any medication you might already be taking. Powerful medical light source designed for use in direct contact, so light penetrates deep into joints to provide relief exactly where it is needed. Feel great fast!
  • Red light healing as endorsed by Dr Michael Hamblin at Harvard and Dr Joseph Mercola.
  • 60-day full money-back guarantee Plus 5-year warranty on LED light source. Plus 1-year free-replacement warranty on batteries! World-class experts available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail 7 days per week!

How Do Skin Lamp Therapeutics Work?

Red Light Therapy(RLT) is thought to work through interactions at a biochemical level within your cells. More specifically, RLT strengthens the energy-producing center of your cells, known as the mitochondria.

By strengthening the powerhouse of the cell, RLT causes increased production of a vital energy-carrying molecule known as Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. Your cells can then harness this additional energy, allowing them to repair damage and correct flaws, and operate more effectively.

Red Light Therapy completely avoids the tissue damage that you will see in other forms of light therapy. For example, laser therapy causes damage to the outer layers of skin to prompt reactive tissue repair from the body. Instead, RLT encourages tissue regeneration and repair while altogether sidestepping those damaging side effects.

How are Skin Lamp Therapeutics Used?

Though there have been a multitude of laboratory and clinical studies showing the benefits of Red Light Therapy, evidence has yet to mount a turning-of-the-tides, so to speak. Despite broad support from the scientific community, RLT remains controversial and has yet to be given the green light, no pun intended, by major medical insurers such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Given the visible results found in clinical research, lack of cooperation from insurance isn’t slowing the advancement of RLT. Just a few of the potentially beneficial clinical findings include:

Do Skin Lamp Therapeutics Have Side Effects?

Generally red light therapy is a very safe method of treatment. However, a few users have reported burns or blisters from falling asleep with the unit left on, so appropriate time limitations must be observed. Proper eye protection should always be worn with red light treatment, as injury to the eye is a potential risk without protection.

All things considered, when safety guidelines are observed research indicates red light therapy provides beneficial results. For best results, consult your doctor or dermatologist before beginning red light therapy. All serious conditions should be examined by a doctor.

This is a tremendously helpful video on Red Light Therapy:

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