About Eco EMF

Me at the Eco labWelcome to Eco EMF. My name is Amanda, and I started this site to help others understand the therapeutic benefits and concerns associated with EMF pollution.

So many aspects of our lives are effected by and rely on electromagnetism. Now, there is a statement only a science nerd would make! Admittedly, I have thoroughly enjoyed science since I was just a little girl, and when I decided to attend college my love for the sciences guided me into my primary field of study: Radiation.

The word ‘radiation’ is something of an invisible menace in today’s society, and few things are more scary than those that we cannot see. In this case, the fear is often warranted. The association between radiation and cancer has long been established. But that’s not to say that all forms of radiation should be seen as the proverbial boogeyman.

Along with it’s therapeutic benefits, other forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation can be found throughout our homes, our vehicles, and the places we work and play on a daily basis. Like I said, our lives rely on electromagnetism. In fact, our bodies live and move through a reliance on tiny electromagnetic pulses. See, radiation isn’t all bad!

I want to offer people general information and a reasoned approach at EMF’s based on my years of study, experience, and training with electromagnetic radiation. There is much to consider, and since my professional schooling is based in radiation, including ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, it is my intention to offer insight as well as best practices surrounding radiation safety.

We here at the EcoEMF.com team hope you find the information we’ve assembled useful. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us here.